For Sarah

This one. It’s the one Elaine has, and it seemed to work fine, and was recommended by both by Tiso’s and the geocaching forum I looked on. Bob had initially been keen to get something a bit better, so he could use it for serious hill walking, but the Tiso’s man recommended that we didn’t spend more within the Garmin range – he didn’t reckon they were significantly better as you spent more, and we should stick with the entry model. To get something like Bob wanted, we were looking at about £300, PLUS all the map software, at about £50 per area, so really prohibitively expensive. Plus I didn’t want to get something so expensive that I would (I know myself so well!), always be worrying about Hannah losing/breaking. So Bob is sticking with his OS maps and compass for now, and he can always use this to set waymarks – if he can get it off Hannah! And to be honest, I wouldn’t risk myself in serious terrian with only GPS, in case the signal failed, ran out of batteries, dropped it in a peat bog etc – I would still want OS and a compass as a back up, and I suspect Bob would as well, so it seems daft really to invest so much more money for mapping and electronic compass.



  1. Elaine said

    That is great so if you do the trip to Glasgow early and Bob is with you I really reccomend you try this cache on your way back . Hannah will absolutely love it and it is challenging enough for Bob without being too much for your foot ( working on the assumption that if my lungs can do it your foot can ) if you follow their directions you can do a wonderful circular walk the waterfall pics on this post and the following ones are that cache and if you get stuck I can give you text leads.

  2. Elaine said

    Oh meant to add you can do it by map and compass easily as you havent got your gps yet just find the car park co-ordinates and follow the instructions from there

  3. Sarah said

    Thank you – I hijacked yet another GPS owner (while lots of my friends have them actually we don’t need our own!) today but I will bear this in mind in due course 🙂

  4. Sarah said

    ok, back here as Steve’s b’day is actually in a couple of weeks so thought I’d better get organised. Was trying to find out the differences between the Geko and this one, as the two I had narrowed it down to.

    How have you got on with this one since having it?

  5. Joyce said

    It certainly does exactly what it says on the tin. Hannah likes it, the batteries last for ages, it takes accurate readings. It doesn’t have an integrated compass, if that’s important, and it looks a bit basic. But for the price, we’re very happy with it. So for geocaching, its perfect. Its been dropped a few times, out in the rain etc, and it didn’t seem to bother it at all.

  6. Sarah said

    Thanks Joyce 🙂

    Basic and cheap is good here too!

    I’ve ended up buying an older but apparently hardly used etrex on ebay with a computer cable and case included, for £50, so feeling happy at the moment – we’ll see when it arrives if it was a good bargain or not!

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