What an anorak

Elaine and JR took us geocaching today at Eglington Country Park.   I have to say I have always resisted it when people have tried to convert me to the joys of geocaching in the past, but in fact my prejudices were ill founded, and we had a fantastic day. Not sure how far we walked, and after two abortive attempts in the morning, when we seemed to head in the wrong direction, we cracked it in the afternoon and  found two caches. Slight panic when we realised we were lost at 5pm, and the last bus home for E+J was at 5.45. However, I accosted a runner (pissing him off no doubt, as his heart rate would have plummeted from its training level), and he pointed us in the right direction. I set off at a cracking pace, with people bringing up the rear with various degrees of enthusiasm, and we finally found the car, and delivered them to the bus stop with 30 secs to spare. Before I rugby tackled the runner, I had tried phoning Bob at the office to give him our coordinates and get him to find out where we were on google maps, but unfortunately he wasn’t in. Or maybe fortunately, as it was a bit girly of me, really 😉  It was one of these salutory moments though, about dependence on technology, as in the past I would have had a pathfinder map and compass with me, but I had just handed myself over to the GPS. Maybe if we had put our base coordinates in before we left the car, it would have helped. Anyway, its solved the question on Hannah’s birthday, as she wants a GPS. She had a fantastic time, and absolutely loved the combination of hours outside, mud and puddles, sandwiches on the move, and treasure!

She is now in the bath, I’m waiting my turn, with a glass of wine, and in an hour, the curry will be here 🙂



  1. Sarah said

    We still haven’t got one, hence I always have to go with other people but likewise we always enjoy it. I am planning to get a GPS for Steve’s b’day. Will have to compare notes as I haven’t decided which one yet.

  2. Elaine said

    Oh twas a lovely bestest day JR is just winding down so I am gonna get her to bed with mickey & co

  3. Hick@Heart said

    Glad to see you have been bitten by the geocaching bug! You are in for some great fun. happy caching!

    Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

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