Moving swiftly on

I discovered at work yesterday that I had 4 days of leave left that I was going to lose if I didn’t take it before the end of the month, so I took today off, and if I can manage to clear my diary, will take next Wed/Thursday off as well. So that was a nice surprise. Given the option of what she wanted to do, Hannah decided to stay at home with me.

When I surfaced, she was already doing some of My Pals are Here, which was the thing that triggered my maths crisis. She did that for quite a while, while I did some work on Charis – three bookings while I was on holiday :-).

Then we did a couple of the exercises from The Daily Spark which we had bought in Barnes and Noble in the States. Although she had asked to do it, she quickly approached melt down levels, so we played with the pigs for a while (who clearly are finding this less satisfatory than their holiday accomodation), and then started some potatoes off to chit.

We are going to do the potatoes in a barrel thing again this year, and if the wind would ever let up, I’d like to try some tomatoes. I really miss having a greenhouse, but the garden here just isn’t big enough.  Had some of last night casserole for lunch, with some breadmaker bread that pinged just as we were sitting down. Yum.

In the afternoon, although it was blowing a gale and absolutely freezing, I insisted we went out to find some catkins for Ostera. I clambered along the riverbank, up to my knees in mud, while Hannah stood on the path and pretended she wasn’t with me. Came home and decorated them with the usual stuff. Had an interesting conversation about the root of the word oestrogen. Hannah wondered if since Ostera was about fertility, and you needed oestrogen to be fertile, if it had the same root. I couldn’t track down an answer, but it seems reasonable.

I was planning to do my fast walk while she was at netball, but during the course of the afternoon, I noticed my foot getting sore, in exactly the same spot that the cellulitis seemed to have its root in the winter. It’s bright red and very hot, and I feel a bit achey and under par. So I just sat and watched her play instead, and was surprised at how good she is becoming, as I’m not normally back from work in time to see her. We are going to have to give some thought about how to help her get more court time. An hour a week isn’t really enough if she is keen, and the other girls of course get it at school. Can’t see school letting her go for double netball and nothing else though!

Came home and she had a snack, before Bob took her back out to Athletics – another 3 hours – that girl is FIT. Meanwhile I am sitting with my leg elevated, swallowing ibuprofen, and keeping my fingers crossed. Tomorrow if I am OK, we are going to be introduced to the joys of geo-caching.


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