Living in a time warp

This morning, I opened one eye to look at the clock on my side of the bed, and couldn’t compute what it meant. 8.30am, but I could tell by the warmth behind me, that I wasn’t alone. I tried working it out for a while, and eventually gave Bob a poke and asked him what time it was. His clock said 3.30am. But it was broad daylight, and the heating was on. We both lay bemused for several more minutes, till he worked out that while he had adjusted the time on his alarm (which we’d had with us on holiday) to 5.30am, the clock itself was still on Florida time. Cue phone calls to work, much swearing etc. Then he had the nerve to bully both Hannah and I out of bed in order to “get our body clocks back to normal”. Bah.

The unpacking isn’t done yet, but the laundry has all been washed and dried, so Hannah and I decided we’d have a day out before I go back to work tomorrow. We set off to the National Museum of Rural Life, which is about 30 miles away.

Half a mile from the door, I realised that my NT membership card wasn’t in my purse, as I’d taken out all the loyalty cards, membership cards etc before we went away. I sort of assumed they would be able to check a membership database on their computer, but apparently not – you need the little card. Big brother appears to be watching us in every area other than ones where it would be helpful. Fortunately I then noticed that under 12s are free, so I decided it wouldn’t be so bad just to pay my own admission, but then had an arguement about how my 5 and a half foot dd couldn’t possible be under 12. Well, I know it’s only a few weeks, but she is. Eventually when Hannah reeled off her DOB she agreed to let her in free “this time”.

So I asked H is she wanted to see the film show first “I’m sorry, that’s booked out for schools today”. Er, OK, let’s get the tractor over to the farm, then. “the tractor is out of commission for the rest of the day” Ho hum. Ok, Hannah, shall we get our wellies on, and walk over to the farm to see the animals? “you are welcome to do that, but the animals are all behind barriers today, as we’ve got a cattle infection”.

So, FFS, what am I paying for???

Actually, we did then have a good time. We did walk over to the farm, and the volunteer gave us a personal tour. We saw the new calves from a distance, and walked round the gardens. As we were walking back, we met the inevitable crocodile with clip boards. The kids only looked about 7 and they were full of beans, and so excited to be on a farm, and they kept getting puled back into line. I know there are safety  issues which mean the kids need to stay together, but I felt sorry that they were being so contained. “Walk in twos, holding hands, don’t run, don’t stamp in puddles etc” When we went to have a hot chocolate in the coffee shop there was a notice saying “we welcome your children if they REMAIN SEATED”. Its just so sad the way we treat kids like second class citizens.

Popped into PetSmart of the way home to get hay and GP pellets, and discussed (again), the chances of having a dog. Hannah scrubbed the hutch out while I got her dinner, and Bob has gone to pick the piggies up while I take her to athletics training.

And tomorrow – back to real life.



  1. Elaine said

    Just read both posts out to Jen and she is really curious in the extreme and says I must commence nagging for a meet. Holiday sounds fantastic.

  2. Roslyn said

    That loss of time is a nightmare!

    The whole treating children like scum (and that’s what it is imo) is really getting on my nerves atm. I’m fed up of walking into shops and my children getting jumped on ‘don’t touch’, ‘stay with your mum’ etc and the shop assistants pestering me to help me to get me out as quickly as possible. The amount of times I have planked my purchases on the counter and walked out after giving them a verbal ear bashing recently is stupid. I need a soap box.

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