I guess we are going

As today I bought the Disney tickets (cheaper in the little travel shop in town than on line), and arranged for the piggies to have their holiday as well. Hannah is ridiculously excited about Disney, I’m feeling – hm, don’t know. It seems such an indulgent, Western thing to do, I don’t feel particularly pro American, I feel bad about my carbon footprint every time I think about travelling these days, so I don’t feel entirely comfortable somehow. On the other hand, some sun will be lovely to get us all back on our feet, Hannah is delighted, and I’m sure at the end of the day we will have a good time. We’ve rented a villa for a fortnight, so it will be good to have a proper base, in a house.  I’m turning into a proper curmudgeon.

Hannah loved the Netball International last night, said she learned loads from watching it, and Scotland won, which is always good. 🙂 She was hoping to go back tonight, but Bob phoned for tickets, and they were sold out.  It was fortunate she’d slept during the day, as they weren’t home till 11pm, and she didn’t surface till about 11 this morning. By which time I had done my 6 miles.

I got this smart little pedometer for Xmas  and it’s great. I’ve had a few of them over the years, and this one is definitely the best. Very accurate in terms of distance once you set it up, and also tells you your calories. Something very pleasant about discovering you are in calorie deficit after having had breakfast and lunch.

Came home, we cleaned the pigs out, Hannah read bits out of her new book.  It’s fabulous, full of the kind of thing I’d have loved at that age as well. I did some preparation for a workshop I’m running on Wednesday, and then went out again to buy the Disney tickets. While I was out, Bob cleaned the bathrooms. Result. Had coffee in Nero’s for a little treat, and they had Tiramisu cake. Now, if there is one thing I love…..good job I was in calorie deficit 😉

Hannah had her shower early, as she’s really tired again, and I’m hoping this last course of antibiotics will fix her.



  1. Elaine said

    You are doing well JR has been finding footpaths on the terrain maps and she has found a route that is gonna take us upwards round Muirhead reservoir before descending into Largs.

  2. Sarah said

    Hope the last course of antibiotics really do sort things out so that H is really fit and well for the holiday – I’m excited for you all, sure you’ll enjoy it once you get there 😉

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