Lithe, gorgeous body ;-)

Today I decided that I really needed to get a grip on my training for the Moonwalk, which has been rather slow to start, due to us all being ill. It was such a nice day, and Bob offered to work at home till 10am, so I shot out for a brisk 6 miles. Except it wasn’t that brisk. I always do this – I get fit, don’t keep it up, then need to start at the bottom again. My 6 miles took me 1hour 45mins, which given my marathon time is 5.20, means I’m rather far off target.  Anyway, that’s me started. And the sea was just so fantastic, and I got all that time to walk along talking to myself, with no one else butting in, which I do enjoy. 🙂

Got home, Bob shot to work, and helped Hannah with some My Pals are Here. Why am I so anal about Maths books. I’m not really about anything else, but I got all ot under the collar when she dips into maths books, and I start to mutter about not laying foundations. I seriously need to get a life on this issue.  I had a shower, and we made soup and bread, then she dug out Picture History Of Britain  which I had bought from the Book People ages ago for the simple reason it was my history text book at Primary, and I felt all nostalgic when I saw it. She seemed to enjoy it, and read most of it at one sitting.

In the afternoon, she asked if I could take her for a drive – she’s felt too ill to do anything for days, but the abscess seems almost gone, though she still has another week on the AB to go, and she said she had cabin fever, LOL. We went to the beach, and had an ice cream and a short walk, though she feel asleep in the car on the way home. She didn’t go to Guides last night, and isn’t going to athletics tonight, and given how much she loves both of these, it probably is an indication she’s not nearly right yet.

Bob has just emailed to say he won’t be home till about 8pm, so I’ve suggested she have an early bath, and then can sit in her pyjamas and have dinner later.



  1. jax said

    If I walked that far in that length of time my knees would blow up to the size of pumpkins and I’d have to be carried around for a week!

  2. Roslyn said

    And she’s off! Well done, the first step is always the worst. I returned to the gym a couple of weeks ago and it was tough, then it was good and tonight was horrid!

  3. Elaine said

    We went to Cumbrae and kids were in the sea in their wet suits JR was wearing Tshirt and sandals it was gorgeous. I am so glad Hannah is on the up.

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