Thanks, pet.

I’m chairing a big conference at work next week, and as I’m a bit nervous, I thought I would treat myself to a new outfit out of Monsoon. I don’t often buy new clothes, so I’m a bit out of practice with what suits me as well. So I bring it home, and I’m parading about it, Bob said “yeah, yeah, you look fine. Nice.” and Hannah said “Have you got your magic knickers on?” (No) “Well, if you wear it with your magic knickers and your extra uplift bra, you’ll look lovely”. Which on reflection, was probably more helpful than Bob’s comments, but hardly good for the soul of a grumpy old woman. I’ll never risk that kid watching T+S again.



  1. Sarah said

    PMSL, can so imagine that scenario! (it would happen the same here as well, only I buy new outfits from Sainsbury’s 😳 )

  2. Roslyn said

    To think she once phoned me for outfit advice LOL!

    Sarah- I love Sainsbury’s clothes!

  3. Elaine said

    Rejoice it must herald Hannah’s recovery, now if she had said ‘yeah great’ then you could have worried.Anyway Joyce I have never seen you look anything but dressed for the occassion whatever it may be so I am sure you will look stunning….just remember the magic knickers and uplift bra

  4. Joyce said

    LOL, Elaine, that’s because you’ve mainly seen me cavorting about in mud at zero degrees – what you haven’t realised is that given the choice, I would take that look into the Board Room as well 🙂

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