Poor Hannah

The abscess on her tonsil burst this morning, and while that did relieve a lot of the pain, she has been distressed and freaked out all day by the pus running down her throat. Oh sorry – were you eating dinner? 🙂 It smells ghastly, so it must taste awful, and she still has a temperature and a raging headache. All she really wanted to do was sit on my lap – no mean feat really. She didn’t want read to, didn’t want to play any games, just really wanted me to be there. Eventually she dropped off to sleep about 4pm, and I managed to sneak off and stretch.

She fortunately slept till Bob came home around 6pm, so he took over the soothing noises. She was coaxed downstairs to the sofa, and is lying there now half watching a DVD with him and eating some jelly mousse I put in the fridge this morning. I just had to get away for a bit, totally touched out. I’m rather regretting we decided against a tonsillectomy, but they seemed so convinced at ENT that she would grow out of it, that we really didn’t want to put her through more surgery if we could help it.

So that’s been the day really. Tomorrow is the third day of her antibiotic. Even though she’s got a 14 day prescription, to try and mop all the infection up, she usually feels better around day 3, so fingers crossed.



  1. Nic said

    Urgh poor Hannah :(. Hope ABs kick in very soon – and you get to reclaim your body!

  2. Elaine said

    Oh poor Hannah I told Jenny how she was suffering and she was so upset I had to reassure her that she would be much better within days now it had burst. And Jenny then said that we had to do something about living so far from her as she would have been able to make her smile had she been nearer

  3. Sarah said

    Sounds like she’s having a rough time – hope she is feeling much better today.

  4. Joanna said

    Oh yuck, sounds like something that would freak me out too! Hope she’s much better today.

  5. Roslyn said

    Poor babe xx hope today is a sunshine day.

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