Sometimes I could just eat that child up

Hannah is being completely delightful just now. She is having the usual teen strops, but when she isn’t (and even when she is, mostly), she is so grown up, so self sufficient, and just such good company. I do love that child. I was thinking yesterday that on my 39th birthday, I went for an ante natal check up. Bob was living in a hotel down here, and I was staying for three night during the week with a friend in Edinburgh, as our house was sold, and we didn’t have anywhere down here. I was essentially of no fixed abode, so was having ante natal care in Edinburgh, near the office. So there I was, on my birthday, 24 weeks pregnant, 100 miles from Bob, getting told I was pre-eclamptic, and would need to be admitted. I signed all the “against medical advice” forms, and drove down to the hotel. I was determined that if I was going to spend the next however long in hospital, it was going to be nearer him. The next day, completely terrified, and with my Edinburgh obstetrician’s comments about how irresponsible I was being with this precious final attempt at pregnancy running through my mind, we presented ourselves at the hospital down here. Anyway, as history tells, I was nursed along for another 10 weeks, much longer than anyone expected possible, and despite finally having an eclamptic fit on the final day, and despite all the awful things afterwards with her health, here she is šŸ™‚ Coincidentally, we got a wonderful letter from her paed today, detailing the scan results from last week (he is so well trained that man, I love him, too šŸ™‚ He copies the GP into his letters to ME, rather than the other way round) and concluding with “Hannah is such a pleasant and mature child, I hope she appreciates how well she has done against all odds, and is as proud of her achievements as she should be.” The thing I love about him is that he always gives Hannah the credit for her continuing health – he doesn’t take it himself, he doesn’t give it to us, he acknowledges to her every time he sees her that it’s HER that’s running her life. We’ve known him all her life, and more than anything, it’s what keeps us living here – it’s beyond price to have someone like that, who is always on her side, I couldn’t face breaking a new paed in.

Anyway, today Hannah has sorted her room in preparation for a friend from athletics visiting tomorrow, and I did the playroom, which was a positive health hazard. There is a big eBay pile, but I don’t know if I can be arsed, I may just take it all to the charity shop. She has been doing lots of stuff on education city, and reading Ballet Shoes. We received about 1000 bindeez yesterday following the product recall about three months ago, so she’s spent ages doing that. She has also been planning our Florida itinary. I’m so glad we didn’t go yesterday, as originally planned. I’m still wheezing, Hannah still has earache, and Bob has (shock horror) been off work all week. This is unheard of. In the 26 years I’ve known him, he has had 4 days off sick – 2 days when Hannah was diagnosed, and I insisted on it, and 2 days after he had boiling caustic splashed in his face following an industrial accident – and only then as he was in hospital. So I guess he was feeling really rough. Hannah enjoyed not having to go to Flora’s – she still clearly loves her, but I think she finds the fact she doesn’t get any me time there because of the toddlers a bit frustrating. It didn’t matter before, but now she tends to get into projects, and wants peace to work on them. Not sure what the solution is to that, as I think she is too young to be left for a whole day, and having managed to carry on working this far, I’m reluctant to give it up now.

I was at the asthma clinic yesterday, and they were pleased with me, and said that it was normal still to be feeling fairly rough after an initial acute attack. It was certainly frightening! I’ve to go back next Friday again, and they said I should be feeling much better by then. Hopefully I will be able to re-launch myself on society soon. šŸ™‚ Hannah has started to relax a bit round about me, though she is still a bit clingy, and Bob said she was very anxious when I was at work this week.Ā  I feel really bad for her that she had to deal with it, though she was very sensible and calm.

We’ve been enjoying watching Summerhill, and Hannah even thought she would consider a school like that, till she looked on the web site and realised parental involvement is against the Summerhill ethos, and decided she would miss us too much.Ā  Her saving her summer camp is going well, and she has nearly reached the half-way mark on her second week (I said I would pay for the first week), so it does look as if I will have three weeks in a row without her over the summer – a week at international camp, and 2 weeks at adventure camp.

We all wanted comfort food tonight, so she has just shouted to say dinner is ready – sausage casserole, mashed potatoes and peas šŸ™‚



  1. jax said

    Yes, the kick the parents out is the one bit of summerhill I don’t quite understand tbh. It’s also what Maria Montessori advocated for her erdkinder (do wonder if AS Neill had read about those) so it’s obviously not an uncommon alternative approach.

    Glad to hear you’re improving – shock horror at Bog, hope he’s better now too.

  2. Nic said

    Glad you’re on the up. I was in total denial that it could possibly have been *that* birthday yesterday but doing the maths I see it was!
    I’ve been pondering what age being left alone will be ok here, clearly not for years yet but when? Slightly different with two I guess. I’ve not watched the Summerhill stuff yet although I downloaded it – bits I’ve heard have me approaching it with mixed preconceptions already.

  3. Sarah said

    ooh, the blog’s gone green. Lovely post about H šŸ™‚ Happy Birthday to you, too!

  4. Joyce said

    Yep, I’m in total denial. If I don’t acknowledge it, it didn’t happen! I do leave her for a while if I want to go to the shops for example, and she doesn’t want to come, but all day feels like too much.

  5. leandra said

    I leave K now for a few hours while I take R swimming or go shopping..not sure how either of us would feel about all day though..but I do know of some of her friends who stay at home during school holidays etc and they seem to be ok šŸ™‚

  6. Elaine said

    You will have to move nearer we would love your delightful daughters company whilst you are gainfully occupied šŸ™‚

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