A new experience

First, if I *ever* congratulate myself on my good health in the future, just say the words “January, 2008” to me.  I ended up with  an acute asthma attack – having never had asthma in the past. Although actually, when the doctor took a detailed history, I realised probably I have been having asthma type symptoms every time I get a cold or hay fever, ever since I had pneumonia a couple of years ago. As it was never even on my radar  -no personal or family history of it, it just never entered my head, it was only when I started to go “yes, yes,yes” in every tick box that I realised. Anyway, a few hours on a spacer type thing helped enormously, and now I’ve got a collection of inhalers. Pah.

Anyway, having scared the wits half out of Hannah, and probably traumatised her for life, we’ve had a very low key couple of days. And will be having a few more, as I realised tonight that I’m completely wiped.  Hannah has been doing some Roman thing, and has done pages on fashion, schooling, worship, food, etc. She’s found a clip art site, and is using that to illustrate it. The pink laptop is certainly being used.  She’s been DS-ing, playing with Dr Who stuff, and not letting me out of her sight. A visit to the loo has her camped outside the door, and she has only reluctantly gone to netball tonight.

She is much better herself, thankfully didn’t need antibiotics for her tonsils this time, so hopefully she just needs a bit of TLC. Or maybe not, as she asked if the fact I’d been so nice all day meant I was really ill – nope, just means I’m too knackered to care if you wreck the place 🙂



  1. Nic said

    Bloody hell Joyce, you really are having more than your share of ill health atm.:( Hope this is the last of it and you fully recover very soon. xx

  2. Elaine said

    Iye Joyce that your special christmas was thoroughly enjoyed before the bug bit is hopefully going to make the memories of the aftermath fade faster.

  3. Roslyn said

    You need a holiday girl. Be warned though Disney is no holiday- you’ll be knackered!

  4. asilon said

    Oh fuck, Joyce, glad the drugs are helping. What happened?

    Not that it’ll help you, but I’m still fairly traumatised by C’s asthma-induced ambulance ride. Sending much, MUCH love to Hannah.

  5. Merry said

    Hello You,
    Sorry to have been away so long, have re added you to my google reader and am sorry you’ve been i’ll. Hugsand all that stuff 🙂

    Am contemplating pink laptop for fran for 10th (aaaaaaaaaaaarggh) birthday. lol.

  6. Allie said

    UCAS forms?? For blank’s sake – that IS ridiculous! They’ll probably be the parents I deal with at the start of the academic year who do all the talking for their young adult offspring who are too shy to ask how to get heir internet connected – or where the medical centre is… Honestly, H sounds so capable and self-motivated that I’m sure she doesn’t need worry. But we all do, though!

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