The lurgy has landed.

Hannah and I are both coughing, wheezing and feeling very sorry for ourselves. Bob was kicked out of bed at 4am to provide paracetamol for our temperatures, honey and lemon for the coughs, and general sympathy. Had to cancel plans for tomorrow, as I can’t see either of us being well enough to go anywhere.

I’ve been trying to file my tax return , and the company return, on line. The tax return has been manageable, as I keep the books pretty up to date anyway, but the company return is a nightmare, as the site will NOT send me the auto-emails I need to proceed. Have decided it’s a ploy to force you to file by post, which costs twice as much. PLUS you can’t do it on a Sunday – wtf is that about. I thought the whole point of a web service was that it was flexible, and not tied to office hours. Anyway, have just sent companies house snotty email, which will do lots of good. Not.

And the good news is……just booked birthday treat holiday to Florida. 🙂

Edited to add: sometimes I still assume Hannah knows things, and then I’m really taken aback when she doesn’t. Like she was really excited to be going on holiday, and then I mentioned Disney. “What, you mean we are going to DISNEYLAND???? ” Well, yes, why else would we go to Florida.  So now she really IS beside herself with excitment. Have resisited the Disney monster in all its guises for her entire life, but I suspect I’ve just made a long-held secret dream come true.



  1. Elizabeth said

    I’m not the biggest fan of Florida–but the west coast is worth the visit. Sarasota is just beautiful–might be worth a drive over.

  2. Roslyn said

    I could tell you to fuck off but having just been to California it may fall on deaf ears. You lucky lucky family! have the best time ever xxxx

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