Hm can hardly comment on my daughter’s education, as have been away from home all week. However, she seems to have had a good time with Bob, Monday and Tuesday, and they’ve been sporty.

Tuesday morning I shot home as she had a scan, and didn’t want to go with Bob, but it was pretty much a flying visit, and we will see the paed next week. She then had a nasty allergic reaction at the childminders. She is very allergic to dry wallpaper paste – so going on it doesn’t seem to be a problem, but once the paper is stripped off for redecoration, it makes her wheeze and swell up a bit. If we plan on re-decorating at home we give her antihistimines and keep the walls damp – we never leave the walls dry and dusty, with dried paste shedding fungicidal dust everywhere. Never thought to tell the childminder about this allergy, and they’ve been stripping wallpaper in the evenings, so she was really miserable. She has needed a lot of piriton today. 😦



  1. Elaine said

    Hannah dear please recover quickly 🙂
    P.S. we desperately need to find some cheap fabric for JR tomoro is there anywhere you know in your direction?

  2. tbird said

    oh no! would never have thought of that being an issue! Hope H is better in the morning.

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