Big cakes

I’m upstairs writing training material. Bob is at his dad’s. The house is full of delicious smells. Hannah has made chocolate cup cakes, victoria sponge, m+m cookies, and has just been up to ask me if I would like ham and chicken crepes for lunch. That child has potential 🙂 I love that she’s confident enough in the kitchen to just get on with it without asking, and without supervision.



  1. Sarah said

    yeah sounds great, I wish my kids would do that! Josiah’s the only one who shows any aptitude in the kitchen!

    p.s. was thinking you need a new blog template …

  2. Joyce said

    Your wish, etc 😉 Wintery but not xmassy.

  3. Elaine said

    Trying to tempt JR into the kitchen but she has been at the strawberries and cream and there are still some left so it could be this evening before she is motivated to cook. Next time we go Asda I will try steer her away from the offer shelves.

  4. tbird said

    Mmmmmm cake….. and new theme is lovely, very soothing on the eyes.

  5. Sarah said

    wahey, Toni Blue. I had this theme once, about three years ago. Have always been tempted to go back to it. Very nice 🙂

  6. Nic said

    I *thought* you had Sarah, was sure I could picture it with ‘just another morning here’ written along the top 🙂

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