Hannah is being totally angelic, and is running about making me tea, giving my meds and pottering around the living room. She’s played some more with her graphics tablet, is making a fashion collage, wii-ing, done some maths on education city, and while I was dozing this morning, wrote a page on the causes of WW1. (!?!)

I was determined to try to get out today, but by the time it got to attempting to put shoes on, I was feeling very sick and shaky, so back lolling on sofa.

Last night we watched the Panorama programme on internet grooming together, and had a chat about that. I don’t have any parental controls on the PC, as I’ve always felt it that they would do nothing but give both of us a false sense of security, and it was better for her to learn to use it sensibly without a net nanny in the background. I think that is still my approach. Nevertheless,  she does always use the laptop in a family area, and certainly so far always asks before she fills in any forms or gives details away. Certainly, I would rather have her sitting around the living room till later in the evening, than using it in her room, and she hasn’t really reached the secretive stage yet.

Nevertheless, it did remind me why I stopped having a public blog for a long while, when that journalist managed to track me down as the author on fairly scant information.



  1. Nic said

    I didn’t watch the show but am frequently surprised at just how much information adults are prepared to give away about themselves online. Facebook has shocked me with people giving their full name, date of birth, identifying photos, network stating where they live, details about their jobs and education etc. I know you need to considered someone’s ‘friend’ to see their full profile but I can’t believe it would be that difficult to get round. There are some local groups set up on facebook with names like ‘S county Home Educators’ and details about where they all meet – to me that’s lunacy! Add in twitter accounts, flickr accounts and blogs and it wouldn’t be too hard to build up a very clear picture of someone’s movements.

    There, that will have eased your paranoia no end 😆

    Glad you are on the up, hope you manage to get out the house soon. And well done H on being a star :).

  2. leandra said

    I watched that with K as Bebo is the “in” thing at the moment. I was very proud with myself as I had followed all the guidelines recommended.
    K gets teased a little by her friends because they know I monitor her when she is online. I thought this would annoy her, however she is more concerned over her friends lack of security and care for their safety. Good for her !!

  3. Sarah said

    Hm, I recorded it, must watch it later on. My girls don’t really show that much interest in the internet, I don’t know if it’s some sort of perverse rebellion to the amount of time I spend attached to the computer …

  4. Elaine said

    I do regular google searches for me AND JR and fingers crossed nothing comes up but if it did I would make the blog private instantly.
    Sorry your leg isn’t pleasing you but do remember it has been immobile for a week and needs time . You could always down a few red bulls the vit b (do they still add it?) should get your toes twitching 🙂

  5. Allie said

    I know the dangers are out there. The daughter of a friend arranged to meet a woman art teacher in her twenties, whom she met online, on a school trip to a London gallery. This person turned out to be a man in his fifties with convictions for offences against children. Luckily the girl told her teacher and the man was arrested there and then.

    Like Nic, I’ve been surprised at the level of detail people put on their Facebook profile.

    Our PC stays in the living room for now, I think.

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