Ah, the trauma.

We have our usual winter mouse infestation in the garage. We did the whole humane trap thing, till we realised we had nowhere to release the damn things, as there was no way a) they were going in the car b)they were being released round the house c) they were sitting in the shopping basket of the bike. So then we went for the um … inhumane ones. Very effective. Except for the fact Bob has been disposing of the corpses in the brown bin. Which Hannah opened today to put the GP bedding in when she was cleaning their hutch. Let’s just say she is considering veganism.

Otherwise, a peaceful day so far. She’s been doing some sewing and reading, and then made a 20 century timeline, before making pizza for lunch, and then cleaning the cavies. Which is where we came in.

I’ve lain on the sofa, dozing and scratching.  Leg hugely better, and draining briskly. GP (the none-cavy sort), has visited, and said I’m to stay on bed rest for another two days. It’s a fairly moot point anyway, as it’s barely weight bearing, though much much less painful, and though I still can’t get anything narrower them PJ bottoms over my calf, the swelling is going down by the hour. All I need is the damn itch to go. I’m still taking the sleep-inducing painkillers, but that’s partly as the itch is so awful, I think pain-wise a couple of paracetamol would probably be enough now. Hoping I’ll be fit to start my new job on Wed, though the non-cavy GP thought it was maybe over optimistic, and I should wait till next week.



  1. Elaine said

    Do not run before you can walk .

  2. Sarah said

    Glad to hear the leg is better, hope everything else improves too.

    Can sympathise with H, only the other day when putting our GP (cavy variety) rubbish on the compost I found live mice. Not sure which is worse! I am scared silly of mice.

  3. asilon said

    Glad it’s improving xxx

  4. Allie said

    Glad to hear it’s improving – what rotten luck it all is!

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