Oh, bloody hell!

Was totally miserable all day yesterday, and to top it all itched all over all day. Overnight developed blisters and hives. Spoke to a pharmacist at NHS24, and I’ve had to stop my antibiotic. Given I am already allergic to penicillin, developed during the pneumonia of 2006, this is not good news. About to go to the hospital on her advice, to have my foot reviewed, so they can decide what to do.

Update: Dr said that the last thing I wanted to do if it could be avoided was take a wound like this into a hospital. Wonder if they have MRSA. Anyway, now on a mega-dose of something else, plus piriton for the hives. Back in bed, feeling sorry for self.



  1. Nic said

    Oh no 😦 Hope it gets sorted for you soon and you don’t have to stay in. xx

  2. tbird said

    oh no 😦 Hope you get something sorted quickly.

  3. Elaine said

    Oh No this is a terrible outcome after your great Chiristmas Keep us updated please.

  4. Sarah said

    Nightmare. I was about to say ‘no, don’t go anywhere near a hospital, you never know what might happen then!’ before you added the edited bit.

    Hope the itching/hives subside very quickly.

  5. Elaine said

    Just seen the edit I am relieved. Did you try the cold fan ?

  6. Ali said

    Oh Joyce it sounds awful, so sorry to hear how bad it has got. I really hope the mega-meds do the job for you and fast.

  7. asilon said

    Christ Joyce! Hope the piriton calms things down and the meds sort out your leg. Sending much love and many posi-vibes 😉

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