This HURTS. GP scared living daylights out of me today by paying an unsolicited home visit.  Eek. He had to reassure me this did not mean I was terminally ill. LOL.  Leg a horrible mess, but he decided as the fevers and chills had stopped that I was probably showing some improvement, though he stressed that at any deterioration I was to go straight to A+E over the weekend, and he’d be back on Monday. Why does that worry me so much? If I was Sarah, I would post a picture at this point. I was always impressed that she blogged her hand injury before going to hospital!.Anyway, he stresses strict bedrest – up to toilet and shower only, ABs and some rather pleasant painkillers, and at least two litres of water a day.

Hannah has been a star, preparing tasty morsels, running with cold and hot compresses, drinks and pills. The good side is it has aided the post-Christmas de tox, as I can’t face anything except soup.

Meanwhile, she has done some silk painting, played Donkey Konga on the Wii – now there’s a blast from the past – done some of the Bond reasoning tests, read, and used her graphics tablet.  I think I may sleep again.



  1. jax said

    yes, get some more rest. Hope that you continue your improvement and I think we should postpone the proper start to the year til Feb, what do you think?

  2. Roslyn said

    Bless her 🙂

    Do as you are told!

  3. Elaine said

    We are proud of you Hannah and should mother get restless here is some light reading http://ingeb.org/songs/jamesjam.html

  4. tworedboots said

    sounds completely nasty but yes, where’s the photo?!

    only kidding, hope it improves a lot very soon.

  5. Sarah said

    oops, think I got moderated! (was logged in to wordpress dot com so it’s probably counting me as a different user).

    in my defence, I don’t think I posted a photo of my lacerated tendon … but if I’d had a digital camera I would have! At least you are blogging (although typing with a sore toe is obviously not as impressive as typing with a dismembered finger 😉 )

    Lots of love xx.

  6. Allie said

    I hope it looks and feels better soon. Must be scary for you all.

  7. Elaine said

    How is the patient today?

  8. Nic said

    Hope you’re improving today, sending lots of love xxx

  9. Elaine said

    Hannah could we have a health update please ?

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