Obviously spoke too soon.

After congratulating myself on us achieving the first Xmas in years with everyone well, I have dissed the ju-ju 😦 The insect bite I got on my toe the other day has spread inflammation half way up to my knee, and my toe is twice its normal size. Got an emergency appointment with the GP this am, and got told off for not going to NHS 24 yesterday. I asked him if *he* had ever tried phoning them with a sore toe 😦 Anyway, it appears I have cellulitis. I’m on mega-antibiotics and bed rest, and if it gets worse I’m going to need to go into hospital for a couple of days for IV antibiotics. Shit. Hannah has decided to stay at home and supervise my bed rest, so is sitting on the bed doing Education City and tutting at me.



  1. Ali said

    Noooo. Thought you had got away with it. LOL at tutting though!

  2. Elaine said

    Keep tutting Hannah your mother must learn not to expose toes to bloodthirsty creature. I don’t suppose there is any point in asking why she was exposing said toes in this inclement weather is there ?

  3. Joyce said

    I suspct it was a cat flea at an (ex!!) friends house. She had jusy taken in a stray, though she has several cats. My shoes were muddy, so I took them off while we had Xmas Cheer. You should SEE the mess. My foot is purple. Yuck

  4. Elaine said

    You obviously did not partake of enough cheer for the A content to counteract the venom of a flea!

  5. tbird said

    hope you heal quickly and rofl at tutting child…..

  6. Roslyn said

    Shit indeed. I’d kick Hannah out.

  7. Allie said

    Eek! That sounds hideous. Hope all gets sorted without need for hospital.

  8. Elaine said

    Have you seen my suggestion that H finds a fan to cool your foot? . It is a year since I came of my bike and I can tell you now that like JR does H will take every measure to ensure you do not repeat this digression so be prepared to be shod from the moment you leave the homestead. I aint been allowed out on my bike since bonfire night and I should imagine the ban will stay in force till the spring.

  9. Nic said

    Arse. You need to wear a flea collar ;).
    Hope you get well soon and hospital stay is avoided xxx

  10. Elaine said

    How is the patient?

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