2 January 2008

We’ve all had an incredibly lazy week. On Sunday we went to my parents for the day, and once home, embarked on the food and wine fest (phase 2).

HogmanayBob did some last minute shopping, and Hannah and I played Nubble and Thought Exchange.  We opened a bottle of shampoo in the evening, and watched Series One of House, which I had got for Xmas, as I have the hots for him (blush). We all flaked out about 11.30, and decided to go to bed and watch the fireworks from upstairs. Then we realised that we had brought the GP indoors for 5 November, and not thought to do it this time, so had to get up and rescure them. Poor things were terrified.

Yesterday Hannah wanted to stay in, so I went for a walk along the beach by myself, while the two of them cooked. Result. We had a lovely dinner, more board games and TV, while clearing out the remainder of the chocolate and wine before the great January detox. At some point during the day, I must have picked up an insect bite on my toe, which drove me mad with itch for the rest of the evening.

Today Bob is still off work, and we half intended to take the tree down, but Hannah begged for one more day, and I guess since it is still a holiday in Scotland, it’s justified. We’ve been driven demented all day by my itchy toe, and our neighbour’s burglar alarm, which went off at 10am, and hasn’t stopped for 6 hours. No sign of any disturbance, so obviously just doing it’s own thing, but they are away for another two days, by which time *I* will have broken in to deal with it. I was originally on AL tomorrow, but the childmider is working, so I think I may go to work anyway, and save the day of AL. It will also mean I can clear out the rest of my old files before my new job starts the following week. So low key, but lovely.



  1. Nic said

    Happy New Year 🙂 xxx

  2. Elaine said

    Happy new year.
    Do you think the bite will convince H that her and Jenny should swim whilst we partake of coffee. Would be good cos I got a niggly pain and wouldnt mind sitting it out 🙂

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