Healthy holidays

Was rather shocked last night when looking through old blog archives for the blog in its various incarnations to realise that not only was this the first year Bob has been at home on Xmas day for 8 years, but it is the first time that we have all been healthly. Not only was no one in hospital/highly infectious/in pain/bloody miserable, we were not even required to avail ourselves of remedies as diverse as paracetamol/anti-virals/antibiotics/ steriods or rescue remedy 😉 to get through the day. Cushions have remained unbothered. No wonder I think we’ve had a good time.

The Wii was finally opened on Thursday evening, and she couldn’t quite believe that such an item had been lurking unopened for days! It’s been quite nice though that she has chosen to spin out the present opening, as everything I think has been enjoyed, rather that it being a mass of “stuff”. There is still one thing under the tree, which she says she is keeping for NYD.  So, we’ve wii-ed, read, ate, drank, crafted, done jigsaws, played board games and now and again dragged ourselves out for a walk. Bob was back at work on Thursday and Friday, but has been coming home at a reasonable hour. I had my hair cut yesterday, and the intention was that Hannah would wait in the library next door for me, but it turns out that the library in its usual user-friendly style, was not opening between Xmas and New Year, so she had to wait in the hairdresser for two hours, which necessitated hot chocolate and mallows afterwards. But that was OK, as I needed some consolation as well. We’d seen the house if our dreams at a fixed price that we could (just) afford, and had decided to buy it. The solicitor phoned me though to say it had been unexpectedly removed from the market – I suspect the developer may have gone into receivership. I was so disappointed, and we are currently trying to console ourselves with the mantra that the location wasn’t perfect (which was the only reason we could afford it, to be honest). It was ideal in every other way, as it had a third huge reception room, which was in our minds already the training room, plus fairly big grounds, but hey ho, guess it wasn’t meant to be.

If the snow holds off, we will probably visit my parents tomorrow, before locking ourselves in for another three days slobbing. 🙂



  1. Ali said

    Shame about the house but great to have a healthy Christmas – and here’s to 3 more days of serious slobbing – here too! Maybe something even better is waiting, housewise.
    Nice to spin the presents out over days like that.

  2. Roslyn said

    So glad you had the perfect Christmas.

    Sorry about the house- I so know how you feel! Keep looking 🙂 Watch carefully incase it comes back on, we’ve had that happen to us before.

  3. Nic said

    Sorry to hear about the house, but I guess your cushions needed some employment about something! 😉

    Need photos of haircut (as it’s been WAYYYY too long since have seen you in the flesh some photos would be nice anyway!). H is amazingly controlled with her gift opening, I couldn’t possibly have presents still wrapped unless I was busy unwrapping other presents at the time.

  4. Elaine said

    That sounds an absolute, richly deserved, fantastic Christmas and we cannot wait to meet up again.

  5. Elaine said

    That sounds an absolutely fantastic Christmas and I will keep all crossed that the house does come back onto the market.

  6. Jax said

    sorry to hear about the house – Tim keeps telling me not to fall in love with houses, but it’s kind of difficult to keep that in mind, isn’t it? Happy new year.

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