85 calories per bite

And worth every one! Nothing quite like tablet. I’d forgotton just how easy it is to make, and how delicious it is. My granny used to make it once a month when I was a kid, and it represented the months sweet ration for the grandchildren.  I used to feel very deprived that we NEVER had bought sweets, cakes or biscuits. LOL.

Hannah has been knitting, cooking, cross stitching and generally acting like some HE-ed kid. She was very excited to see a programme tonight about a home-ed kid who had just set up a chocolate factory at 16, employing both his parents. Her dream at the moment is to go here as soon as she is old enough for them to take her.  I’m not quite sure how she will fit in a career running a catering business with being the new Paula Radcliffe, but in terms of aspirations, it all sounds more fun than the answers I gave to the “what do you want to be when you leave school?” question at her age.

Although several friends are in the process of changing their kids to private school as “12 is SUCH an important year as they make their subject choices” and “they just aren’t getting enough homework” and I do worry that maybe I’m not taking it seriously enough.

She’s also been reading like a fiend, and we seem to have walked a lot. It’s been freezing here, then last night it went from minus 5C at midnight to plus 5C at 2am, bring on a monumental hot flush. Today has just been wet, after we’d got used to ice and sun. Today we saw a seal in the river near our house. It was just at the point where the river moves from tidal to fresh water, and I think it may have got lost and come to far up river on a high tide, and then got stranded when the tide went out, as the low tide was very low today. We phoned the SSPCA and they said they would send someone out to assess if it was distressed, and to check it made it’s way back down river at high tide.

We also went to see Mr Magorium with JR and Elaine, which I actually really enjoyed, and even sniffed at. All the shopping is done, just the house to clean, and we can settle down to Bob’s first Xmas at home for 8 years.



  1. tbird said

    mmmm, tablet, yuuum! Hope you all enjoy your “proper family Christmas”

  2. Elaine said

    just thinking of the time you spent with us and you went from warm car to trot around in cold to warm cinema to standing in minus chatting to warm car…. mmm maybe your body can be forgiven the hot flush 🙂

  3. Roslyn said

    Great post! Bloody fantastic that Bob will finally be home!!!!!!!!

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