Playing catch up

Let’s see…..

Monday we went to the climbing centre in Glasgow with Elaine and JR. The two girls spent a couple of hours doing the climbing wall, the arial sykway and the drop jump, while the two grown-ups sat below drinking coffee. I met a woman I used to know when she briefly home educated, and I got thoroughly patronised about the social benefits of school. The girls then consumed the entire buffet at Pizza Hut, and we all got shouted at by the waitress for various crimes against fast food. Skating was next, and we discovered that the pleasant little indoor rink is about to be closed, which is a shame.

Tuesday I have no idea. I seem to remember several hormonal strops, so I may be blocking it out.

Wednesday I was at work, and did some more schmoozing, which on Thursday finally paid off with the offer of a job I have been trying to position myself for for months. Hurray! And the even better news is I’m not going to be held to my notice period, so new year, new start.

Friday Hannah and I made the annual visit to the German Market and Christmas-fest in Edinburgh. We went on the Big Wheel (freezing), the chair-a-planes and Hannah also went on the Gallopers and the sledge slide. We drank hot chocolate, ate mince pies and crepes, and generally had a great time. We had been planning to have dinner there, and then get a train at 7.00 when the off-peak started, but Hannah went very pale around 4pm, and decided she wanted to go home, so we managed to fling ourselves on the last cheap train at 4.20pm. I was glad we had, as although she was fine, and I think she’d just got cold, by the time we got home three hours later, I was feeling distinctly unwell. It was Bob’s Xmas night out, so we went out to drop him at the restaurant, then I came home and fell into bed. Hannah stayed up to watch something on the TV, but we were both woken when Bob got home, without keys, since he hadn’t been driving. Grrr.

Today I thought I was better, and went for a walk this morning, but felt really sick and faint when I was out, and had to phone to be picked up. Again, I was fine when I got warmed up, so nothing serious, just vaguely grotty. We’ve put the Xmas trees up, but Hannah has been in a hideous mood all day, weeping at the drop of a hat, and taking it all out on me. Which given I’ve not been feeling well, has meant I have hardly been the paragon of patience and understanding. Feeling really cross at the moment, as she has just lost 40 NZ dollars that my uncle sent her for Xmas – especially as I’ve told her about three times to put them in a safe place, and now I think she’s thrown them up by mistake, so I’m really mad at her. And she is equally mad at me, as I just lit an incense stick. Sigh.

edited to add: money turned up down the back of the radiator, Hannah and I kissed and made up, and, er, she has developed a really bad allergic reaction to the incense stick. oops.



  1. jax said

    glad the money turned up, and great news about the job. Here’s hoping you’re starting a trend, and my dream job is just around the corner too.

  2. tbird said

    Huray to finding the money and for the new job, hope it’s everything you want.

    oh dear to hormonal strops and feeling poorly, here’s to better things this week.

  3. Elaine said

    Congratulations on the job !! poor Hannah and you nothing worse than feeling grotty to send me into a strop too.
    H seems to have JR’s attitude to money , loves spending it but leaves it anywhere and everywhere. Makes me wonder if I called in all the loans I have given JR ‘just until she finds hers’ how much it would add up to.
    Hop you have a good start to the week, tell Hannah Jenny is desperate to see her when she gets back:)

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