How did Xmas get to be only three weeks away? Spent the morning sorting out Hannah’s social arrangements for this week, and then the following week she is off to my mum’s for a few days. Hunted on line without success for a golf-club my dad wants for his Xmas, so I am now trying to gird my whatsits to visit a real life golf shop – something that has never been required of me before in life.  I also need to get Hannah’s skates, which she is getting from my parents. I’ve been putting it off in case her feet grew again, but really must do it before she goes away. Hannah has played keyboard for a good while, and then done some education city, and we are now looking at the rain, and I am trying to convince everyone we’ll feel brighter after a long walk. Without success.



  1. Elaine said

    Ah I have been trying to tempt Jenny out too without success tis terrible ‘cos we know full well they will enter the spirit once on the beach.

  2. Roslyn said

    I’m getting tetchy as Pea still won’t hint at what she wants- skates sound like a plan though!

  3. layla said

    I haven’t done anything – I didn’t even get it together to get advent calendars. No presents, no cards, and I’m strangely apathetic about the whole thing 😉

  4. Elaine said

    I have found nothing closer to you than Greenock 😦

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