It’s officially winter, I’ve decided

……seeing as how it didn’t really ever get light today. Hannah was exhausted today, as she’d been up several times during the night, so she decided a PJ days was in order. I was tired as well – off to work at 5am yesterday, and not home till 11pm, so I was happy to go along with it. So we both had baths, stuck on clean PJs and lolled about all day.

The man from Dell arrived with the pink laptop, and I spent ages setting it up. Though a was slightly taken aback, as the old one has suddenly started to work again. I switched it on downstairs while I unplugged my monitor from upstairs, so that I could connect the monitor and get her favourites and contacts off the old one, and when I came down, there it was all booted up and working. Shit. It’s worked all day, so not sure what is going on there, and extremely pee-ed off that we bought another, even if it IS pink and has a great spec. Especially as *I* have no chance of getting it. Though mine is almost on it’s way out, and is in fact much older than Hannah’s old one, so I suppose I could have it, if it really is a permanent fix. Just so annoying of course, as no one would even look inside it, just decreed that laptops were never worth fixing. Anyway, the pink one is great, and Vista seems fine, even though none of her CDs will run on it, and despite extensive searching, haven’t found any patches online either. Though she has probably just about outgrown a lot of the stuff she had on cd anyway, and spends more time online now than using them. The really annoying bit though (bit of a theme here), was the fact that you can’t copy things from a Ipod to a PC – they only synch one way, which means effectively that when you change PC, you wipe the Ipod – you can’t lift anything off it. So the first time you put anything new through Itunes on a different PC, it removes everything already there when you synchronise it. I couldn’t believe that was true, and kept thinking that I was misunderstanding it somehow, so eventually phoned Apple, and was told that is EXACTLY the case. As she had about 50 audio books on there, there was no way I was going to wipe it, so I got on a forum somewhere, and a 14 year old in the US called Dirk, told me about SharePod. It’s a bit of freeware that lets you copy your Ipod to your c drive, then synch it with Itunes, and THEN synch it to the Ipod. A complete faff, though it has worked fine. I’m so used to using my Zen as a storage system for all sorts, it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to do it with the Ipod. Damn thing, all looks, and no substance. Unlike me 🙂 Fortunately though, Office 2000 seems to work fine.

So, in between messing about with technology, we’ve cleared the washing basket, Hannah has read a book – not sure what – played with the GPs indoors for a while, phoned friends, phoned my mum to see how her MRI scan went – she was really worried about being claustophobic in the tunnel, even though Hannah had assured her she’d be fine. Far too much experience of MRI scans, has Hannah. Anyway, she WAS fine, so now waiting to see if she does need back surgery. And tha’ts about it, I think. Bob in his place in the kitchen, I’m on the pooter, all is well. 🙂



  1. Elaine said

    Iye you will not be able to have days of with a doggy you know!. We made it down the beach with ours then a nip into Largs where I planned to suprise Jen with the fantastic lights that were turned on last night so i waited till 4 to go ….. well the camera never lies , or does it? check my blog later to decide

  2. pendlewitch said

    Joyce could you tell me the difference between a CT scan and an MRI? I thought they were the same thing but seems not – is one better than the other, do they have to use different things for different conditions? Sorry, I could look on google I spose but I’m a bit fed up of trawling through cancer websites *sigh*

  3. Elaine said

    love the layout

  4. Sarah said

    would wait for Mr Portico to pop up and say something about the ipod style over substance thing, but as he’s currently sleeping with my husband in a car somewhere in Wales perhaps he will have other things on his mind 😉

    I wonder if it is an ipod/pc problem or if it is a generic ipod issue, I remember having similar problems last Christmas when I had pre-loaded fil’s nano with some music, then when he plugged it into his computer it wouldn’t let him load any more until he’d deleted all the stuff I’d put on.

    But surely you have the files for the audiobooks on the old pc, can you not copy them over to the new pc? or am I missing something?

  5. Sarah said

    oh, and yes, nice theme 🙂

  6. nic said

    Love the theme 🙂 And yay Dirk ;). Will miss you tomorrow xx

  7. Joyce said

    Yes, in theory could have done that Sarah, except the files are massive, (taking up about 15GB of her 30GB ipod). As the PCs aren’t networked with each other, I was going to have to have a mechanism for moving them, and the only thing big enough to do it was – yep – the ipod itself! So, yes, my plan initially had been to load them from the ipod onto the new pc, and then import them into itunes so that when I synched, nothing would be lost, as it would all be there in itunes. And thats the bit that ipod won’t do – you just can’t use it as a moveable storage system, which I thought was really wierd, as that’s how I use my zen (which also unfortunately didn’t have room for all Hannah’s books either, or would have used that) I kept thinking there must be an easier way, but Apple seemed to think not – although to be fair, Dirk’s piece of freeware did the trick no problem, it was just finding it was the faff.

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