Lingerie ;-)

I got over-excited last week when M+S announced they were doing a foray into the further reaches of the alphabet, and ordered three bras. However, they were all useless, so today I found myself making my annual pilgrimage to Bravissimo, where I parted with the best part of £100 (yes – you read that right!) for three supportive undergarments. So I am now boned, hoisted and scaffolded. I should really go to Worthing to flash them off, as that’s what I did two years ago, and then last year did the same at Helmsley. Rather distressingly though, I got fitted today again, and discovered that I am a size smaller round the back than I was last year, and a bigger again cup size. How can that be? Hmmm.

I had a meeting this morning, and then before my sortie into celebrating my boobs (their slogan, not mine, makes me squirm), met my job share partner for lunch. It was lovely, as we don’t see that much of each other, and actually, our offices are 50 miles apart. So while we speak most days, we rarely sit down together. Lovely lunch, a quick chat about work, and then catching up on the important bits of life.

Hannah has been with Flora, and then Bob took her to the pool, and she beat him hands down over 50 lengths, which did little for his ego as triathalon-man. She is just so strong in the water. I should have more to say, but, I’m knackered.



  1. nic said

    Well you do have an invitation to a fifth birthday party this weekend – perfect undergarment flashing occassion 😉

  2. Elaine said

    I celebrate my (miniscule) boobs every day and sincerely hope that they do not decide on a growth spurt at this late stage . They served their purpose and fed my children and never developed in size to a degree whereby I had a need to support them.
    Tis only upon reading you post though that I have realised how much money they have saved me .

  3. Allie said

    Fifty lengths? I’m impressed.

    It seems to be Bravissimo style to come up with a smaller back measurement and a bigger cup size – that way they’re assured you come back to them, as no-one else has the range in those sorts of sizes.

  4. Roslyn said

    I’m looking forward to buying bras!

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