All feeling slightly better now

We were much cheered by the Guide leader’s phone call this morning. Jo was here for a music lesson, and I’m amazed at the level of tunefulness that Hannah produces from the keyboard. After she’d gone, we decided it was one of those days when it probably wasn’t going to get light, so we lit lots of scented candles, and Hannah continued work on a collage she is doing, so glitter was spread throughout the house.  We discussed how early Bob could be persuaded to put the tree up. I’ve mentioned before, that before we had her, our tree went up on Xmas eve, when we came home from work, and staying up till 6 January. We gradually extended it to the weekend before xmas, and then last year we were the earliest it has ever been, around the 15th, I think. Though we have started to take it down a bit earlier, usually the 2nd or 3rd of January. This year, Hannah is angling for the 8th.

We then had a phone call from the lovely Sean from Dublin, to tell us that the new (pink!!!) laptop was about to be dispatched by Dell. Unfortunately I’m working the next two days, so there won’t be anyone in to receive it, so it is now coming on Friday morning. Which means that we need to stay in, I guess,  though huge excitement. Mainly from me. I just hope Vista is OK, and that at least some of her CD roms work on it.

The day just sort of slid by, I took a couple of press calls, did a bit of writing, and really just loafed about, while Hannah has drawn, played and read. It’s pouring with rain now, but she is set to go out to athletics, and I am about to have a bath, so we aren’t both fighting for hot water later.



  1. Sarah said

    Having girls’ birthdays on 15/12 and 03/01 the Christmas tree putting up and taking down is usually fitted in between those dates in this house, which separates birthdays and Christmas nicely. I usually get twitchy about taking it down much earlier though, around, erm, Boxing Day! It just gets messy and in the way and doesn’t even look nice once there aren’t any pressies under it any more!

  2. nic said

    We’ve been talking about it here as there is a campaign underway for even earlier than usual (by A and the children, not me I hasten to add!). We used to go for first full weekend in December and then after S was born it has been the first weekend after her birthday on the 6th – so it will be 8th here this year. Never stays up much past New Years Day though, infact that seems to be the usual day it gets taken down – hangover allowing!

  3. Elaine said

    We are having an evolutionary Christmas rather an interesting proccess 🙂

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