Playing hookey

I’ve been away the last few days training, and dd seems to have had a good time – Flora has been doing a project on World Religions with her, which is nearly complete, and she’s been doing lots of reading – mainly Dr Who, I think, and having just looked at her Education City record, lots of that as well. There has also been a lot of glitter scattered.

I was home today, and as I was training again this evening (just finished 10 mins ago), had planned to spend the day preparing. Decided however to fly by the seat of my pants, and so we went to Culzean with Elaine and JR. It was the most fabulous day in terms of weather, and dd found us a beach that I’ve never been on before. Elaine will no doubt have the pictures to prove it.  it is such a magical place there, with woods, castles, beaches. DD then marched us round the swan pond doing a David Attenborough impresonation, warning us of flesh-eating wildlife at every opportunity.

Had I been better organised, would have taken sandwiches, but as I wasn’t, we headed back to the beach cafe in town for a rather indigestible lunch (it was digestible at the time, but several hours later, is less so). Girls played in the beach playpark, dd demonstrating that she has a different body temp than the rest of us by running around in a short sleeved t shirt in zero degrees.

Headed into town to buy some fancy biscuits for the class, and I horrified JR by telling her how I morphed into a lip-sticked power dresser by whirling in a phone box – which tickled me almost as much as Elaine thinking that my National Trust card was my business card, and the picture of the castle on the front was my home. As we turned the corner at the bus station, I turned to find E+J had jumped onto a passing bus (well, almost!) and were being borne away into the sunset.

So have set the students up for the weekend now, and about to have some dinner and an early night.



  1. Elaine said

    Oh I tried to mention the David Attenborough tour but the words wouldn’t form coherently , however I did manage the pics and made you a disc of the complete set because there are some great ones of the girls. We have been invited to JR’s friends house tonight so methinks I may be setting up their newly acquired broadband .
    Thanks again for a great day
    P.S. JR said upon our arriving home ”mum Joyce said we can meet up again in a couple of weeks, you will nag her to meet sooner wont you?”
    ”yes JR ” said I

  2. Elaine said

    I am under great pressure here .

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