Water slides

The music teacher cancelled today (AFTER I had done the hoovering), so dd and I leapt in the car as I needed to go into the office – I’d left something confidential in an unlocked drawer, and it had been bothering me all night, so I picked it up. Headed off to Greenock to the indoor water park place. I was truly impressed, and it was more than worth the journey – def a place to visit again. We had lunch, and then met Elaine and JR. I was feeling a bit rough, so had decided the pool wasn’t for me, and was pleasantly surprised when Elaine was ordered not to enter the water either. This meant the two of us got to sit in a rather pleasant viewing area, drinking very nice coffee, and chatting for almost three hours. All that seemed to be required was that we waved to the girls as they shot past on the tyre slide. Very enjoyable and relaxing afternoon.

DD and I then headed to Glasgow to pick up a friend who is staying for the night, and miraculously given it was raining, foggy and rush hour on a Friday evening a month before Xmas, it was a quick journey, up to Glasgow and then home. On the way to Glasgow, did some car ed with a romp through the endocrine system, (knew that paediatric nursing would be of some benefit at some point), and the two girls have now taken Hamish-the-human-torso apart and are discussing his bits. Just wondering if I can completely avoid the schamltz of Children in Need.



  1. Elaine said

    I am still merrily reeling and JR has grown another 2 inches !.

  2. Roslyn said

    Don’t be so bloody miserable and put the schmaltz on!!!! Actually it’s so late you’ve probably missed it had loads of LI and are now asleep. I’ll keep on dancing shall I?

  3. Roslyn said

    OMG back here and reading last nights comment LOL! Wild night is being followed by wild morning

  4. Joyce said

    Have you not been in bed Ros? 😯

  5. tbird said

    Water park sounds great, as does sitting drinking coffee whilst offspring do all the getting wet! We did Children in Need up til Aprilia falling asleep on the sofa at 10pm, she loved it (and loved staying up so late)

  6. Roslyn said

    Went to bed about 4am asleep sometime later 😉 and was up again for 8am. I think it will hit in about 3 hours LOL! Just dropped Pea to sax lesson and came home to find Tina and Darren fast asleep in my bed. They came round for a curry last night and are still here.

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