Amusing myself

By typing letters of the alphabet into the title box, and seeing all the titles it suggests based on previous posts. It seems to have a memory from the old Couthie Communications as well, as it suggested the potty post, the ski lift post, and the knitting post. LOL.

Anyway, been a tough couple of days somehow – have been away training, and missed dd ridiculously. Then today I have felt quite seedy, and had a long drive home tonight in freezing fog, dodging ****holes driving with only their sidelights on, overtaking on the inside and generally getting up my nose.

However, safely home now, dd off to athletics, Bob running around a hill somewhere, and I am just about to have a bath and put my PJs on. Really looking forward to the weekend.


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  1. Elaine said

    I was reading about fog being forecast theres been none here I certainly hope it doesnt rear its head tomoro we are looking forward to abandoning you to your book 🙂

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