Rant alert

Last night I plucked up the courage to take the screen off dd’s laptop, to discover it looked nothing like my old Toshiba did inside, so I wasn’t sure about replacing the inverter and back light. So I phoned the manufacturer today, and they said that it was a complete integrated unit, and I would need a new screen. So I phone round a load of laptop repair places to see who would do it – most weren’t interested, and even those that were said it wasn’t worth it – £250 plus VAT and carriage to fix, so I might as well buy a new one.  There is nothing wrong with it otherwise, and I just hate the thought of sending all of that to landfill. I can’t stand that whole chuck it out mentality. As Ros will vouch for, in terms of our retro ski gear 😉 I then tried some local shops, and they all said the same, though every single one said I should drop it on the floor and then claim off the house insurance! Am I alone in having a problem with that? DD said in the first shop “but that’s not what happened to it” and the guy said “oh, everyone makes insurance claims for things like that – it’s what you are paying for. It’s not like it was theft of anything.” So what sort of value is THAT to give a kid. Fume. I am so cross, and so pissed off at the skewed values of chucking out perfectly good equipment for the sake of a fancy BULB, ffs, and then making a false insurance claim. I’m off to take a chill pill in the form of a hot choc with mallows.



  1. Elaine said

    May I suggest you ring largs computers 01475 673 638 and explain . She does seem very conscientious.

  2. tbird said

    sharp intake of breath! Drop it on the floor indeed no wonder insurance costs so much!!!! would it be possible to ask about on Freecyle for a broken one and scanvenge for parts?

  3. Ali said

    Ugh I hate that whole mentality too, it’s shocking to me to hear ‘everybody does it’. Explains a lot too.

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