One hot chocolate later…..

One of the nice things we did today was cycle along the shore. The sea was right up at the sea wall, so no sand or rocks today. It was an amazing shade of blue though, and even though it was incredibly high, it was like a mill pond – not a ripple on it.  It was minus 5 at 8am though! I love these cold winter days, much nicer to have it cold, than to have it raining.

We made pizza dough by hand, rather than in the bread machine, so I could take out my aggression on it, and played some board games. DD is now doing some stuff on my laptop, and complaining about how slow it is – yes, well, at least it HAS a backlight! And I am doing work-avoidance.


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  1. Elaine said

    we went down at teatime and it was just gorgeous and not as cols as first thing when it was truly icy 🙂

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