Neanderthal question

Are games the same across different consoles – so, eg, is Brain Academy the same game on a DS as on a Wii? And if I were to buy one Wii game, what would you recommend, given that none of us are sophisticated in this area?



  1. asilon said

    No, they’re not. The basis is similar, in that it gives you three tests in 5 areas, but the tests themselves are different.

    My lot are saying Wario Ware Smooth Moves. (Gwenny also suggested Big Brain, and Violet fancies Cooking Mama although we don’t have it.)

  2. Sarah said

    What other games has H enjoyed on the DS?

    Wario is good fun, as is Big Brain. We have Cooking Mama but I haven’t really played it yet so can’t particularly recommend it or not.

  3. Elaine said

    Are you busy playing on the Wii ? it’s not good enough I become dependent on others to entertain me and suddenly having my nightime read disappear from my grasp upsets my equilibrium .

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