Sometimes I feel so lucky.

I was awake really early today, and my mind was buzzing – potentially big thing coming off at work, which has been playing on my mind, and making me excited. So I heaved my sorry ass out of bed, and headed off to the beach. 5 miles later, all was well with the world. I may have a scabby kitchen and a brown bathroom suite, but living here is priceless, really. I got home about noon, Bob had made soup and bread, and dd had done the ironing and she made me hot chocolate and marshmallows to heat me up. They’d been working in the garden all morning, and smelt all out-doors-ey.

DD is very pleased as she has managed to get my purple DMs re-located to her wardrobe. I bought them two years ago, and while I love them to look at, smell, sleep with, stroke and generally admire, I have just never been able to break them in. I was digging out my old Brashers this morning when I came across them, and I thought it was daft to hang onto them when she now takes a 7.5 as well, so I left them out for her to try. I think the winter shoe problem is now solved.



  1. Roslyn said

    I so know that feeling.

  2. Elaine said

    Oh look at me dribbling all over my keyboard! this is the second day of you putting me through torment. Purple dockers oooooooooo. Still we had a walk on the beach you are correct tis beautiful the rocks are being stripped of their sand blanket now and the colourful sculpture is being revealed

  3. Sarah said

    I feel the same about where we live (and having a kitchen & bathroom that I’d really rather replace).

    7.5 though, aargh! I will be happy when either of my girls have the same size feet as me (thankfully it’s a couple of years off yet I think), but if they try nicking DMs they’ll be in trouble. I’m sure H will look great in them 🙂

  4. layla said

    My sister (now size 6) has just given two pairs of size 4.5 Converse that she wore for about a month 🙂 (bit scary though!)

    C is already a size 2 she’s going to out feet me pretty soon I think.

  5. Jules said

    Oh, how my daughter would love to get her hands on my purple DMs. No chance!!!


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