No responsibilities.

I had planned to work today, then DD’s music teacher phoned and asked if DD would like to go and play Dr Who at her house with her 10 year old. The answer was yes. So Jo picked her up, and then texted a bit later to say to leave her till after dinner time.

Bob and I suddenly realised we were alone in the house for 6 hours ;-). We set up the German Wii to make sure it worked, and had a hilarious time playing tennis on it – must get another remote. Its the first console game we’ve had, and we just loved it! After we’d packed it away and hid it in the loft, headed into town and had a late lunch in a wine bar, and then a stroll round the shops, finishing off with a route march along the beach. Which certainly blew the cobwebs awayΒ  – it was WINDY.

Came home, brought the guineas in for a cuddle, and am now sitting with my feet up waiting for dd to come home.



  1. Roslyn said

    I do hope LI featured somewhere πŸ˜‰

    I love the Wii! I never played anything before we got it but I’m hooked.

  2. Sarah said

    Me too. To all of Rossi’s comment! Except of course I did play games consoles before 😳

  3. Elaine said

    Stop it ! Stop it right now!!
    Throwing temptation in my path , I refuse to look!
    I am going to go degrease the oven and forget I ever read that post.

  4. Ali said

    LOL love the idea of the secret Wii session then hiding it.
    I want one too!

  5. Deb said

    Remotes hard to come by at the minute, but there are a couple from third-party sellers on, if you’re quick!

  6. asilon said

    Giggle – my immediate thoughts were along the same lines as Ros’ and Sarah’s πŸ˜‰

    Glad it all works though, and hope H had a good time out.

  7. layla said

    lol! My first thought was where’s the LI πŸ˜‰

  8. Joyce said

    You expect me to blog the LI????? πŸ˜‰

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