Where is the screwdriver?

Not a good start to the day for me after a particularly sleepless night, followed by dd’s music lesson filling the house with tuneful-ness before 10am. However, she has been invited to play Dr Who with the music-teacher’s daughter tomorrow afternoon, which is a slight result.

Then her laptop screen went kaput, which occasioned much weeping and wailing. Having googled the problem, it would appear to be either a new inverter or a backlight. These items cost £150 to replace if PC world does is, £8.75 if I do it. I’m trying to pluck up the courage. Really annoyed actually, as it’s only about 15 months old, and doesn’t get massive use – not compared to mine, anyway.

Then we cheered up and had major celebrations when the commonwealth games 2014 was announced, and we repaired to Dobbies for a celebratory lunch and a finger at the xmas decs. Discussed in all seriousness which sport DD thinks she should concentrate on to have maximum chance of being there.

When we came out of Dobbies, it was brilliant sunshine, so we went for a walk along the beach, to be caught in the rain at the furtherest point. Still fun though.

Came home to an email from Amazon to say that all Bindeez were being recalled, as they have inadvertently been produced with some toxic compound!! The day is not improving at this point.

However, it’s Friday night. The wine is open…….



  1. Elaine said

    Are you sure its beedeez Joyce just had this link passed on

  2. Joyce said

    Yes, here’s the link http://www.character-online.com/Press-Release/

    That must be their US brand. Hate the things anyway, though dd loves them, and we did buy a set for a birthday pressie just last week as well. 😦

  3. Elaine said

    yup it is you are right .

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