Weird experiences

Sometimes in the mists of time the division of labour in this household evolved that Bob does all the lifting and laying for dd’s evening activities. Last night though he was out, so I took her to athletics and picked her up, so I was treated to what I can only imagine is similar to the school gate conversations. First thing was these women were all so immaculate – how do they do THAT? I mean, I do scrub up in my power suit for meetings, but by 9.30pm, I had (whispers), gone out with my jeans and fleece over my PJs. (blush)

Anyway, it was all talk about school projects – which the *parents* all seemed to be actually doing, and the amount of homework that still had to be done once the kids got home. Compulsary maths at 10pm – yuck. I know I’m only seeing a snapshot, but it really underlined for me how laid back our lives actually are.

Earlier in the day I had taken DD and her friend to Culzean Castle. That was an odd experience as well – we go there at least twice a month, throughout the year, and it wasn’t until I had someone else with me that I realised how much incidental ed goes on when we have those walks. The other child, who only came out of school 8 weeks ago, couldn’t really understand *why* we would want to go for a walk in the dripping wet woods, wasn’t really that interested in any of the stuff dd was finding fascinating – perhaps because she wasn’t seeing it in context, to be fair, as she’d never been before. And was terrified in the woods – the clash of city culture with rural kid, lol. She saw monsters behind every tree.  In the end, I took them to see Burn’s cottage, complete with worksheets and clipboard, which seemed to reassure the friend!

Today DD was desperate to have a day “to think” as she describes it, and I decided that I could work as well here as in the office, as my diary was remarkably free. So she’s lying on the sofa reading, and I’m up here, about to start work.



  1. Elaine said

    Ah Culzean Castle not made it there yet . You did well putting your jeans on I am often trotting around in my PJ’s well after lunch.

  2. Joyce said

    Culzean is wonderful. The castle (and sadly the coffee shop) is closed now till Spring, but there are miles of walks through the woods, and right down to the beach. I don’t think we’ve seen it all yet, to be honest.

  3. Elaine said

    Is the wind a-blowing down there? it is building up here I am thinking of reasons to go to Greenock tomoro just so we can travel the coast rd . Foolish idea though cos if it gets closed while we are up there I will be in lumber

  4. Joyce said

    Not too bad up at the house, but really blowy on the beach – just back as I just had to go for a walk after seeing your pics! That road isn’t prone to be closed, and the bus would just do another route, would it not? So probably safe, though the ferries might go off, I guess. Or were you thinking of cycling??

  5. Elaine said

    Tis the stretch twixt Largs and Skelmorlie that is vulnerable there are ‘proper’ gates there which are closed when the sea asserts itself. However I note that high tide is at noon (ish)
    so there is the option of going up to Wemyss bay this morning and seeing the spectacle from the relative shelter of the station/ferry terminal or altenatively we could go the other way and visit Ardrossan where we could seek refuge in the Asda cafe. The alternative route is up over the moor road and I have learnt one thing in my 11months here and that is that this route jams very quickly as it only takes a couple of wagons/buses on a single lane track to create a log jam. Await my report , you never know I could be scuppered if JR decides we staying in the safety of the homestead .

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