The winds they are a-rising.

Had a great day. I’ve worked, soothed client’s anxieties, and recieved multiple parcel deliveries :-), all while wearing my fleecy PJs and slippers. DD has drawn, done some Education City, read, made a Dr Who model and been generally lovely. I do SO love that kid! We had homemade bread and soup at lunch, and some Thornton’s sale chocolates for desert, because we’re worth it!

Then I saw Elaine’s pictures, and decided life was too short to miss a walk on the beach on a windy day, so finally got dressed, and we frolicked along the edge of the sea, jumping out of the way of the waves, and getting blown to bits. All we need to complete the picture is a puppy – a work in progress, still.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is a power-suit and training day.



  1. Elaine said

    Where are you power suiting? you cannot come up country I cannot have you wrecking the myth I am creating of the wild wild winds throwing all and sundry awry whilst elaine takes pics !

  2. Shirley said

    I love the beach on a windy day. We run our business from home and love the flexibility of it, although combining home ed and business sometimes can be tricky!

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