The girls emerged very early this morning, after their 1am card playing, and sat glaikit looking over their cornflakes for a while. I had to go out for an hour or so, and by the time I came back they were dressed up in witches garb, watching school TV and playing with dolls. I made soup and some cheese scones, and for some reason we got onto map reading, so we all did that for a while. I do like maps 🙂

I had half promised an island trip, but I had driven past the harbour in the morning, and the sea was so choppy, I wimped out. Really couldn’t stand the ignominy of barfing over the side of the boat. So we went to the beach instead, but visitor wasn’t as warm-blooded as DD and when she started to look blue we went to the coffee shop and continued the map theme.

This evening I had promised them they could go to the cinema sans-adult. A first for me! They were the only people there! Bob picked them up at 8pm, and I fed them, and they are now playing uno in bed. Which is where I am going, soon.



  1. Elaine said

    I am beggining to seriously doubt you will even be tempted to enter the jacuzzi

  2. Joyce said

    LOL. The waves can’t be THAT bad!

  3. Elaine said

    I cannot find an improper comment this is driving me crazy

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