Your mother lets you do what?

DD has a friend staying the night. A friend who insists that she stays up till 2am every day watching Sky, and is rather put out at my suggestion that I need to go bed soon. And that she and dd will NOT be sitting up till 2am. I’m never sure if I’m being too strict and too anal or if this is likely to be true. In either case, I DO need to go to bed. Think I may be getting a cold as I feel as if I haven’t actually heated up since last night, and have the inkling of a sore throat. Which hopefully won’t come to much as I am training for three days this week, and rather need the dulcet tones.



  1. tbird said

    your house, your rules! Seems fair to me anyway.

    Hope the throat settls before the course starts.

  2. Allie said

    When our dd has friends over I assume that they will actually want to play and chat and encourage them to go off to her room in pjs. When they actually sleep is another matter, but it doesn’t have to bother me!

  3. Joyce said

    Yeah, I didn’t expect them to sleep, I just didn’t want them downstairs. The first shock to the visitors system was no TV in the bedroom, and then the second (LOL) was that somehow we survive without sky as well.

  4. Elaine said

    ah methinks you will have to put your foot down with a firm hand and tomoro take em somewhere where they will become exhausted

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