Wii, wii, wii, all the way from Germany

Have given up on buying a wii in the UK, as def not prepared to pay the rip-off prices. Felt vaguely committed to finding one though, as it was actually a birthday request, and we failed to get one for that. So ordered one from Amazon.de (with Amazon as the seller). Cost £168 at today’s exchange, 6 euros for delivery. According to my friend who has already done this, it defaults to English anyway, the manual is in most European languages, including English, and the electrics are compatible with only a plug adaptor required, plus her’s only took 4 days to come. Fingers crossed.

Tonight we are going to a fireworks display along the coast. Our local one was last night, but for some reason we never made it out  – we can “sort of ” watch it from the upstairs windows, and that makes us a bit lazy, but we love going to this one tonight, and eating chips on the sea front in the freezing cold 🙂

This morning we did some science-y things from a chemistry set, watxched some Dr WHO on DVD, did some ironing and generally slobbed about.



  1. Elaine said

    Oh now that does sound a good idea my elder daughter is wanting to buy her partner a ps3 for christmas but money is tight i will suggest she tries it

  2. Kirsty said

    oh I hope it turns out ok for you. Let us know. We want a wii fro Xmas but I’m not paying over the odds!

  3. Deb said

    We got a Wii from Argos a couple of weeks ago, when it started looking like they might get difficult to find nearer Christmas. Paid £180, got a £10 Argos voucher. Put that towards controllers and games totalling just over £100, got another £10 Argos voucher. That will be going towards other items shortly 🙂

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