Freezing my butt-ox off

Had a lovely evening at the fireworks. Got there far too early as we had decided that our viewing point would be the car park in the marina, and there is a great coffee shop there, so we planned to have hot chocolate while we waited. However, despite every table being empty, they told us they were fully booked, so we had to kill about an hour in the car. Did have one exciting incident when a car in the row behind us rolled forward and crashed into the car in front. I’m a tab obsessive about parking the car in gear, and I was reminded why – I’m always slightly worried on camp sites actually, if I’m in a tent, and there are cars parked further up the hill, for that very reason.

After a bit of texting, managed to find Elaine and JR, and the girls clambered down onto the rocks to watch. Elaine took wonderful photos, and I shivered my ass off. It’s unlike me to feel the cold to that extent, but I just could not get warm. Anyway, the display was fantastic, and just a perfect setting, right by the water’s edge.

Huge queue to get out of the carpark, so we went for a brisk walk to heat me up a bit, and then had our hot chocolate at home.

edited to remove severe overuse of the adjective lovely. 


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  1. Elaine said

    I feel so guilty for dragging you out of the car ! next year forget social niceties and cocoon yourself .

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