Raises head from behind computer screen

Foolishly got seduced into doing a bit of writing by the metre, with a tight deadline, so have spend the last few days under some pressure. However, draft got off this afternoon, reputation for meeting ridiculous deadlines intact.

DD is full of the cold, so she’s enjoyed a lazy (by her standards!) couple of days, finishing off the Roman Mysteries. She’s now started on the Life of Mammals. I knew all that stuff I got when I was going through my retail phase would come in useful at some point.


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  1. Elaine said

    I just got back the draft of the newsletter with only a couple of spelling errors to correct . However I felt I had to defend myself so said earnestly that spell check had picked them up but as they were initially scribed by the minister I felt his authority higher than spell checks and left em in . Will I never learn? maybe I should get a sign ‘Please ignore inane comments emanating from my mouth’ poor chap looked so serious I tried laughing but….

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