Highly educational day ;-)

We were waiting for the ski slope to open at 9am today, for the first skiing of the season. She did REALLY well, and is managing reasonable parallel turns. I was spared going onto the slope as she is already after one year a much better skier than me, AND she was wearing my boots. Which caused the 20 year old at the ski hire enormous hilarity, as they are, well, antique. But rather robust and completely safe. Skis, helmets  and boots are included in the price, but she hates wearing sweaty boots right off someone else’s feet, so she took her own boots and helmet, and we used their skis, to save me putting the roof rack on. She had a three hour session, and did brilliantly, I thought. Great that she can go on the slope now by herself.

Then we went and met a new friend, (waves to Elaine and JR) who has moved from Yorkshire to rather near us.  The girls cruised the shops for an hour, and then we went to the Maritime Museum, before heading off to ice-skate for 90 minutes. We called into Sainsbury’s on the way back to the car, and bought bread and cheese for DD to eat on the way home, because as soon as we got home, she was heading out to athletics for another two hour sessions. I’m exhausted thinking about it.



  1. Elaine said

    Twas a really wonderful day and I hope we have more of the same 🙂

  2. Roslyn said

    So glad Elaine has arrived for you all! hoorah!

    I was reminded today to get the girls back to the slopes…I love Bob’s retro ski gear- so cool!

  3. Sarah said

    Sounds great 🙂 Fab to have HE friends nearby too, at last!

  4. Elaine said

    Are you recovered from Tuesday ? can we subject you to further meanderings soon? I hope so 🙂

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