Good news

Have been really worried about my mum as she had a breast biopsy last month, and the results were inconclusive (I think actually as they didn’t get a good sample). Anyway, she was back today for another, and they gave her the all clear. She would be SO pissed off at me for sharing that with the WWW :-D. DD has now gone to stay with her for a few days, as I am training all weekend. Well, from 8am tomorrow, actually. eek. Also so, so happy that a girl from athletics has just called to ask if she’d like to go with her to the cinema tomorrow. Obviously she’s not here, but that is such a huge step forward, and I did my best not to do anything embarrassing on the phone, as DD has interrogated my every word 🙂



  1. nic said

    Excellent news (your Mum), excellent news (your training) and excellent news (DD’s invite to cinema). 🙂
    Have a good weekend. x

  2. asilon said

    What a relief about your mum – glad to hear she’s got the all clear. And fantastic to hear about the phone call! Hope work goes really well 🙂

  3. Ali said

    Oh very good news all round, hope you can get some sleep too Joyce now! Hope DD gets to go to cinema another week, that sounds promising

  4. layla said

    Excellent 🙂

    We’re due my G’ma’s results tomorrow, pretty nerve wracking wait.

  5. Sarah said

    happy for you on both those counts 🙂

  6. Elaine said

    Great news on all fronts !? .
    I cannot find your email but is this rink nearer for you Auchenharvie Leisure Centre ?
    We have never been there but I was thinking about your tight schedule.

  7. Deb said

    Good news about your mum – must be a relief 🙂

  8. Elaine said

    tried again to reply to your mail but it bounces straight back 😦
    so Should we play safe with braehead ? it would be nice to meet earlier to give the girls chance to get to know each other? given the location I am sure
    they will soon find a common interest i.e. emptying our purses 🙂

  9. Elle said

    That’s fabulous news. Elle

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