Insomnia :-(

Off and on for the last 11 years I’ve had bouts of insomnia. It’s a special kind of torture, I’ve decided. Initially, I put it down to night-time horrors about dd’s health, and then I decided it had just become a bad habit, and I’ve tried just about everything, from the traditional milky drink, to herbal remedies, to a referral to a sleep clinic (where they did at least agree with me that I *was* awake, as the GP had said that I was probably getting more sleep than I was estimating.) They suggested a range of  sleep hygiene techniques, which I instituted with some rigour, and yet I’ve never really found anything to help. I do tell myself that someone who has adequate opportunity to sleep *will* get enough sleep to manage on – though that is small consolation when I am getting only a couple of hours sleep at night, and then going about exhausted all day. About a year ago it just disappeared out of the blue, and I realised the joys of not being chronically tired. Then about three weeks ago, I started waking up about 2am, and not going back to sleep.  And an all-too-familiar pattern is re-emerging.  😦



  1. Sarah said

    ugh. I can empathise to a degree although my bouts of insomnia have never been that bad. It is a horrible thing to live with. do you find there is a time in the day when you can sleep, or does that just perpetuate the cycle?

    Have some brackets from me anyway (((Joyce))).

  2. Joyce said

    I’m always torn about sleeping during the day – I almost certainly could, though the sleep clinic says its the worst possible thing to do. I do sometimes get to the point of exhaustion where I just have to grab a couple of hours, and at least H is old enough now for that not to be a problem. Doesn’t help the night-time issue though in the long term. You’re up early as well, Sarah – or is this your normal?

  3. Sarah said

    I wake up any time from 4 onwards. Tend to fight actually doing anything until about 5.30 then give up and read or pick up the computer. If I could stay in bed I could probably go back to sleep around 6.30 for an hour or so but usually I have to get up anyway. This is why I can never compete with friends who seem to be able to stay up until the early hours and then function the next day! If I’m due to be out in the evening I try and have a nap around 4 – 5pm, usually manageable in front of some CBBC with the kids.

  4. Allie said

    God, that does sound horrible. I had a brief bout of trouble getting to sleep when I was a child – lasted a year or two – but then disappeared. I guess you’ve had all the suggestions and it would be irritating for me to repeat them – so just have some sympathy from me.

  5. jax said


  6. Elaine said

    I can empathise, I can sympathise but afraid I cannot offer anything constructive 😦

  7. HelenHaricot said

    As a fellow sufferer mine started when I first took clomid, and I am very variable. I rarely sleep in not my wn bed until the sun cmes up – not helpful, and often at home i can out of the blue have the prob – at least 2ce a week. Cuddling BB seems to help. I’ve thought about getting a teddy – might wriggle less!! But mine is usually an actual getting to sleep problem rather than an early rise

  8. jan said

    I suffer from intermittent insomnia too. Like Helen it’s more not being able to get to sleep than waking early. Since reading somewhere that just relaxing in bed is about 50% as good for you as actually sleeping I concentrate on making my lying awake as effective as possible. But I have all sorts of strategies I try – I have a teddy, which helps, I sometimes wander round the house and go to bed elsewhere, which sometimes works. Jonathan laughs at me for all my strategies and weird sleep psychology – he drops off to sleep in 5 minutes almost every night…grrr.

  9. Sarah said

    Morning. here I am again so thought I’d say hello in case you are too!

  10. Roslyn said


    I rarely wake early (before 6.30am) but I’m often still awake at 3am.

    My sympathies- wake Bob for LI? LOL!

  11. tbird said

    sympathy and not much useful help from me too Joyce. Hope it’s a short lived problem for you and you get back to “normal” again quickly.

  12. Joyce said

    LOL Ros, I’d forgotton about LI. Well, not actually forgotton doing it, obviously……. Hi Sarah – I was awake from 1.30am, but in a hotel in Aberdeen, so no PC! For me, falling asleep is the easy bit though, it’s staying asleep.

  13. layla said

    Much sympathy.


    Not that I always go for the drug option first 😉 My Mum is now sleeping for the first time it 25 years!

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