Roman Mysteries

Have been co-erced into an emergency visit to Waterstones for the last three books in the Roman Mysteries series. I bought the first 10 in a pack for 9.99 from the Book People months ago, and they were never touched. However, dd started to read one last week, and got completely hooked, so has rushed through them at the rate of more than one a day. We checked the library on Friday, and (surprise), they don’t have them, so she set up a deal which involved her making three types of soup for the freezer, in return for the books.  She did suggest when they turned out to be buy two, get one free, that I now owed HER. I must tackle the book mountain here though. Can’t be gassed ebaying at the moment, as can’t face all the complaints about late postage, but it is getting seriously out of hand again.



  1. tbird said

    What? you mean there are more? Darn it! Somehow I thought that was the entire set. Aprilia loves them.

    LOL at you owing her as they were discounted though, I think you have raised her way too canny!

  2. Elaine said

    there is a recycle arm to scottish home ed why not sell them on there ? twould be a lot less hastle maybe.

  3. Allie said

    Yes, they do seem to be addictive in that way!

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