Being a tourist

Decided life had been all too serious recently, so on Monday dd and I booked into a travel inn in Edinburgh with some vouchers I had, and we went off to do the tourist things. Monday we went to the Museum of Childhood, the People’s Story, John Knox’s House, the Edinburgh Dungeons and a Ghost Walk.  I embarrassed her in both the Museum of Childhood and the People’s story by recognising toys and other artefacts from my own 1960s childhood, so thoroughly enjoyed both of these. The Ghost walk was bizarre, with a guy in a halloween mask jumping out of doorways, though dd seemed to find it hilarious. We then went to an Italian Restaurant that I used to go to when I was a student, and 30 years later, it’s still going strong. We don’t go that often now, maybe twice or three times a year, but the original staff and owners are still there, and we’ve been around for so long they do recognise us – so dd had a huge fuss made of her, and we got teased about bella mamas and bella bambinos (or something!). They always give me a massive kiss, and dd had a bit of an old fashioned look on since her dad wasn’t there!

Tuesday we did two different open top bus tours. Did I mention it was freezing? Had a trip round Brittania, and then back to the Storytelling Centre for an afternoon workshop. Rushed home for athletics in the evening. It was a really good couple of days, and nice to be just the two of us. We walked for miles, talked for hours, and drank copious amounts of hot chocolate. Have also emptied my purse of all the special offer vouchers that had been accumulating in there!

Wednesday I went to work, and Bob took her on various cycling tours. Wednesday they went to Arran,  Thursday to the Isle of Bute (where they cycled round the entire island) and Friday to Culzean Castle. So they’ve been averaging about 30 miles a day.  She came home from Bute telling me they’d seen the perfect house for a B+B plus training centre. LOL. I wish. Today they’ve gone to Cumbrae, another of the islands in the Clyde, to get maximum use out of their 5 day rover pass. The two of them are planning to do the Coast to Coast cycle run at some point, so they are getting loads of practice in! I don’t think I ever need to worry about dd getting her aerobic exercise, anyway.



  1. Elaine said

    Oh goodness I cannot believe we have been living up the road from you for 10months and our paths aint crossed!! thank heavens we are going to rectify this.

  2. Joyce said

    Yep, really pleased, Elaine. We are both looking forward to meeting you and J next week.

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