It’s been a while

Partly because DD is now at the stage where her development and education is more personal, and she doesn’t want it blogged. Partly because I’m so busy. Partly because I’m a lazy bint.

Anyway, projects on WW1, Ancient Rome, and Roman Britain have happened. She’s been doing a bit of formal maths every week at the childminder, and we went through it today, and we were both pleased to discover she was doing good with it. Her keyboard lessons are a huge hit – her teacher is lovely, and comes to the house. Monday night is Guides; Tuesday athletics; Wednesday is football training;  Thursday is netball and then more athletics; Saturday morning is football again. Her netball is excellent, and she is enthusiastic for the rest, and has muscles to be proud of! Swimming has fallen by the wayside a bit recently, which is fine. She’s been to the climbing wall a few times, and the other week did one of those high ropes courses.  On top of all that, she often cycles with Bob when he is doing his training runs, as he is aiming for the midsummer day West Highland Way race. 96 miles in 24 hours. Mad.The upside is that though he has a 6 pack a 20 year old would be proud of.

Guinea pigs are HUGE, work is OK, and the business is slow but sure, which is all I can cope with anyway.



  1. Sarah said

    Nice to hear an update, however infrequent they are! Sounds great all round 🙂

  2. sally said

    Hi Joyce,
    Excuse me asking … but I’ve just moved to WordPress and am struggling getting my blogring buttons working … and I see you have them in your sidebar, just fine!
    Can you let me know what widget you put them in (I could only find a text one suitable) … and what code you used?
    Can’t seem to get html recognised often in text widgets, it just seems to wipe it whenever I paste it in there. Not sure why.
    Thanks in advance if you can help.

  3. tbird said

    wow, when exactly do you all find time to SLEEP??? Sounds like life is being good.

  4. Joyce said

    T-Bird, I don’t know why you keep getting moderated, everyone is only meant to go into moderation the first time they comment, but for some reason it has taken against you 😉 Sally, I just used the text widget – anyone will do. Jax and Deb wrote a little bit of code for me for the respective blogring boxes, and I just dropped it into the widget.

  5. sally said

    Hi Joyce,
    I tried that too (just pasting in the code as usual) but WordPress automatically wipes html in text widget if it contains tags like script and javascript … for ‘security reasons’. I suspect it is because you have to pay to be allowed to modify your css … maybe you have paid for this?
    I think I will give Jax a ping to see if she can help me. I expect she’ll know how to get around it, don’t you?

    Best wishes

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