It’s for real

Tomorrow my first Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis begins. I’m feeling fairly confident, and very excited. I was really pleased last week to have confirmation that my course had been accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. It’s been a massive amount of work to prepare the submission, so I was delighted to get accreditation on the first application, as I had been led to believe that it often took several re-submissions.

The last few weeks have definitely been autonomous as I seem to have spent the entire time writing course manuals. H has done masses of sport – she now goes to athletics twice a week, football, and netball. She’s done a lot of reading round WW2, and is keen to go back to Eden Camp now she’s got more context for it – must fit that in, along with Dr Who, in October.

Bob is taking her hill walking over the weekend, I think they are still hoping to camp, though it has turned very cold here, and it’s rained non-stop for about a week, so they may disappear with the caravan instead. They were going to do Ben Nevis, but think they have settled on the Lakes, as even for us in Scotland, they are nearer.

So tonight we are all going to have an early night, and get ready for an exciting weekend 🙂



  1. Sarah said

    Huge congrats on the accreditation thing, that’s brilliant news. All the best for tomorrow!

  2. layla said

    Hope it goes well today 🙂

  3. Roslyn said

    Can’t wait to hear!

    October when?

  4. Roslyn said


  5. nic said

    Coming to ask the same. Been thinking of you all weekend, hope it went well :).

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