Must try harder

When I blog every day, I’d happy to warble on about SFA, but when I miss a week, I’m then embarrassed to blog, as it sounds as if I should have more to say for a weeks absence.

Anyway, DD much better, still on anti-bs, still peaky, still got massive tonsil, but no longer ill. She’s been pretty laid back, loads of crafty stuff, lots of horrible history reading, guinea pig cuddling and demanding “bedroom inspections” Don’t know what that is about, I think it’s a hangover from camp, and at least it means her room seems amazingly tidy. Did the ironing this week again, as well 🙂

Has come home from Guides tonight with the details of International Camp. £150 just for camp, travel extra!!! She is so desperate to go, not sure though that in makes two weeks at MoTB plus HESFES feasible. And I def want to do HESFES this year again.

I’ve been burning the midnight oil writing like a demon all week, absolutely knackered. Merry – horrified at the laser printer enviromental impact – is the inkjet any better though? Now feeling bad at the amount of printer ink I’m using – a cartridge a week atm. Must try refills.

And as always on the 3 September, thinking about my sister, and wondering what she would have been like now.



  1. nic said

    Glad DD is better, wish mine would demand room inspections – they are currently both in D’s room where I hurled loads of stuff in the middle of the floor in a tantrum and told them not to come out until it had all been returned to it’s proper place 😳

    Argh to camp finances, it’s really hard deciding not only which you can afford but also which are worth the investment of time isn’t it.

  2. We have continuous ink flow systems on our printers. Basically a cluster of ink bottles on the desk next to the printer and some pipes into it – ink costs about £5 for several gallons and the one on my system certainly seems to turn out good quality print outs. No idea of environmental impact of it all but it’s got to be better than throwing out loads of cartridges all the time (and less mess than tryint ot refill)

    Glad DD is feeling better!

  3. Roslyn said

    Doing well on Google!

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